Adventure Cat on Trail

Download a sign to post at the trailhead when you're out with your cat to tell others you're using the trail and prevent accidents.


Jackie Johnson

4/8/20221 min read

On April 13 2022, I was invited to participate in this panel discussion along with Chris Ramsay of Shaker Hound Academy and Beth Miller of Wagtown, hosted by about off leash dogs and mitigating the dangers while walking our cats.

A lot of great information came out of that panel, including a viewer's idea of posting a notice at the trail head we're using with our cats. I took that idea and made a 8.5x11" sign for everyone to print out and use. I plan on printing and laminating this myself so I always have a sign to post when I'm on the trail in a new location.

I've included the recording at the bottom of this post for you, and Emily hosts a new episode every month with all kinds of information for adventure cats! If you're looking for motivation for getting your cat out and about I highly recommend her Trailblazers Community! She puts together great monthly challenges for adventure cats and aspiring adventure cats alike! There are participation levels for cats at every stage of training.

Download your copy of the Adventure Cat on Trail signage to post when you're out with your own cat!

One more safety tool!