How to prevent loosing your cat

Hands down my favorite trick for preventing your cat getting lost.


Jackie Johnson

3/12/20223 min read

If you have an iPhone, you need this!

How to prevent loss

Every week I'm seeing lost cat posts in all my RV groups. It's especially devastating for us travelers because often we are limited to the number of days we can stay at a campground.

Cat loss is hard enough when you're grounded in a stationary home. Sometimes cats love darting out the door. Here's the one thing that soothes my anxiety.

Get yourself an Apple AirTag. Claude's wearing his in the photo above. It's the size of a quarter and you can get a tag and holder for about $35. There's no monthyl/yearly subscription, battery charging, or other nonsense. The batteries for this thing are stated to last a couple years. I made sure to get a tag holder that didn't dangle so there's no risk of it going into his water or food. I'm not sure about how waterproof it is, but if Claude finds himself in a situation where his neck is underwater we have being issues.

Unfortunately Android users can't make use of the apple's Find My app, but if someone finds an Air Tag they do have the ability to help return the item to the owner with the use of Google Play's Tracker Detect. You can also use this to find Air Tags that are following you without your knowledge, but that's a different topic. For the record, an iPhone will automatically tell you in an unknown tag is following you. Stay safe women.

The AirTag works with the Find My app and will tell you where the item is exactly. It will even give you directions if the tag isn't with you. I've included some screen shots below, with the specific address crossed out. You can set your tag for people who find it to have the ability to contact you and return the item. Obviously that's great if someone finds your cat and knows what an AirTag is and how to use it.

Beyond being able to track the tag down yourself, to the exact address, my favorite feature about this tag is the ability to play a noise from my phone to the tag. I have trained this as an additional recall cue for Claude. With how the tag works with your phone, the sound will play no matter where the tag is.

Every day when I give Claude his favorite treats I play the sound and then give him the treats. It's such an easy thing to train and could really prevent a disaster!

This is by far the cheapest thing I spent money on to ease my mind with Claude's safety. The fact that there's no maintenance to it at all is icing on the cake. I just make sure to reinforce the play sound with a recall regularly.