My Recommended Harness

Explore more, worry less. The Come with Me Kitty harness is the only one I recommend. This is the best harness on the market for my cat training students due to the safety features and included training leash.


Jackie Johnson

1/10/20223 min read

I get asked every day what kind of harness Claude wears. He is 14 pounds and wears the Petsafe Come with Me Kitty harness size medium, and he's at the biggest adjustment you can make on this harness. You'll see this is the harness I use when training all kitties when I work with shelter cats, students, or my own. I've even given them away in promos. You can purchase yours here at this link.

I've had him in this harness and size since he was a kitten. When he was little I tied a knot in it right where the leash connects and I still keep this knot because of how it takes out the extra slack. No harness is 100% escape proof, but this is as good as it can get. I've seen cats do full spaz attacks in this harness without escaping. Keeping that extra knot in it and being aware of your leash handling skills will all work to keep your kitty as safe as possible. The smallest size of this harness is really only meant for the tiniest of kittens and even if it fits when you get it, it will be outgrown so quickly. The medium should work just fine for most cats, and the large for the largest of kitties.

These harnesses are designed to tighten when pulled and I've never personally had a cat manage to escape this one, even if they go ballistic at something. No harness is ever truly escape-proof, especially if not introduced in a way that makes you cat truly love the process. Cats have a lot of sensory problems and when they're scared, the first thing they want to do is get away from anything that's touching them. By conditioning them to put on the harness themselves and WANT to wear you, you can make harness training a whole lot safer. The other part of harness training is how you handle the leash. It should always be pointing down or behind your cat, but even if you're all turned around, this harness gives you a lot of leeway with that mistake in how it tightens around the shoulder.

This particular harness is also very lightweight, so cats tend to take to them easier then the bulkier jacket style harnesses, making the conditioning process easier.

And BONUS they come with a bungee style leash that is absolutely perfect for teaching cats pressure and release on the leash. This leash takes a ton of the handling skills out of the equation, as it creates and releases pressure on its own so you can concentrate on other areas of your training journey.

If you need help with teaching your cat how to love his harness I offer an adventure cat training program called Couch Potato to Trailblazer in 6 weeks and you can read more about that here.

If you order a harness through the links provided, everything ships free over $49, so if you're missing important training gear, now is a great time to stock up! No code necessary.

Clik-R clicker with a finger loop so you can always have a clicker easily accessible no matter what else you're using your hands for.

Treat pouches in both regular and mini sizes, so you always have rewards on you.