Urine Removal

Cleaning up properly after accidents is an important step any time your pet misses the mark.


Jackie Johnson

10/6/20222 min read

It might be hard to believe, but when your cat pees on something it’s honestly not the end of the world. I know I know, I used to think so too. But if you follow some important guidelines you can save your clothes, furniture, rugs, and everything else that has been personally victimized by your cat.

When your cat goes outside the box, it's really important to thoroughly clean the area. Going outside of the box can happen for so many complex reasons, but cleaning up that scent is always going to give you an edge when it comes to preventing recurrences. It’s important that when we’re going this, it’s also in a way that keeps our cat’s needs in mind.

Urine contains enzymes that need special cleaners to be broken down. While things like bleach and white vinegar will remove the scent entirely for humans, our pets have a much more sensitive system. You need a cleaner that specifically works to get rid of the enzymes in urine - not just stains and bacteria. Unfortunately general cleaners will eat everything except the urine enzymes you need them to.

They’re good at their job, but that means that they’ll also eat the enzyme cleaners that you put down overtop of them. If you've used other products, it’s important to pretreat the affected areas before putting down a urine cleaner. This will let the urine cleaner have a chance to work.Further, if your kitty is having problems using the box because they’re having any kind of issue with relationship insecurity or marking, having a scent like vinegar that is offensive to them could cause them to want to cover it up even more with their own. Bleach has chemical properties similar to urine, which could draw your cat back to the area in the same way that urine does!

Once the area has been prepped for the enzyme cleaned to do its job, you can proceed according to the instructions on whatever cleaner you’re using. The important thing to note when you’re dealing with carpets or cushions, is that these cleansers must SOAK through all layers. Most cleaners come with some kind of worthless sprayer that will only mist the top layer. Take that sucker off and make sure you’re SOAKING the area thoroughly with both pretreat and cleaner. It may take multiple attempts to get the area completely cleaned.

Anti Icky Poo is a great brand that makes both a pretreat and a cleaner. They come in gallon sizes if you're getting started on multiple areas in the home.

Another great option is Odoban, and that's a great all around cleaner. Makes your laundry smell great as well if you throw a little in the washer!

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