Cats Don't Like That!

Where did this harmful stereotype come from? Why do so many of us fall for it?


Jackie Johnson

10/17/20220 min read

The biggest lie we told ourselves about our cats...

"My cat would never!"

Your cat WOULD - you just never gave him the opportunity!

We don’t do much with our cats. We bring them home, set them up with some food, water and a litterbox. They get a few toys but most of us know that the box those toys came in will probably be more treasured than the toys.

Most dog owners know that training is an essential part of ownership, but I’ve found that most cat owners don’t even think it’s possible. The truth is that when cats are given the same opportunities as dogs, they typically enjoy enrichment just as much!

Claude didn’t start out liking the car OR travel. Ever seen a husky say it wasn’t going to walk anymore? Yea, he was like that. It was only after a weekend of exploring that he realized how awesome it was. Then I couldn’t kick him out of the car. He basically stalked people around cars and waited for someone to open a door so he could settle in for a nap.

I understand the struggle of how to show your cat how to be comfortable while out and about. I love being able to share this knowledge with you and help your cat live their best life!

Claude now travels with me full time, loving adventures like these where we camped underneath Mt St Helens.