Yes, even YOUR cat can be trained!

Welcome to Adventure Cat Training with Jackie Johnson!

Ever wanted to take your cat on a walk? You're not crazy, and you're not alone. This signature Adventure Cat Training Program is for brilliant, adventurous felines and their courageous companions who want to venture out together beyond the front door. They're currently very annoyed by the idea that "cats can't be trained", and are ready to get outside and EXPLORE!

They just want their adventure buddy to be happy AND safe.

Pet Parents who take this course sometimes feel a tiiiiiiiiiny bit ridiculous about hiring a professional cat trainer, because let's be honest... dogs are the ones people expect to be able to train. However, they know their cat would benefit from some professional guidance - because they can't keep tackling them every time someone tries to open the front door.

Hearing "I can get your cat to like your harness so much it tries to put it on itself" may make them a little suspicious, but the idea of being able to happily coexist with their fluffy overlord has them busting out the treats. Adventure Cat Trainers aren't looking for the next cute trick - they want to approach training with their cat in a positive, species-appropriate way that builds a lifetime relationship based on mutual respect (and treats).

Enjoy the confidence that comes

with knowing your cat is safe and secure.

You and your cat might be a good fit if:
  • You are excited to get out of the house and go on adventures

  • Putting on a harness or leash gives both of you "whyyyyyyyy" vibes, with at least one of you flopping on the floor in protest.

  • You’re not quite sure exactly how to train your cat without treating them a like a dog.

  • You live a nomadic lifestyle (van lifers, this one's for you), and you want to be able to bring your best friend with you.

  • You have a cat that you KNOW is really smart, and capable of learning more than what time the food comes or how to break into the bread cabinet.

  • You’re tired of spending HOURS on Google searches and Reddit threads, looking for an easy-to-follow way to train your cat, only to find brilliant advice like "they're not dogs."

  • You're ready for a professional to step in and show you the exact steps to communicating effectively with your cat (even if its just so they'll stop giving you that look).

Create memories like this with your cat...

Here's how it works:

Topics you'll cover:
Each Lesson Includes:
  1. First, we'll hop on a call to determine if you just need the DIY course, or if you and your floof are ready for the full 1:1 experience.

  2. You'll receive a complete list of all the training materials you'll need to successfully complete the course (I'll tell you all about the best harnesses, tools and treats!).

  3. For the next six weeks, it's time to train! Each week comes with clearly labeled modules to work through in order, complete with specific goals to make sure you’re hitting so you’ll know exactly when you’re ready to move onto the next stage of training.

  • Harness training

  • Backpack training

  • Leash training

  • Safe place training

  • How to combine and use all these skills on adventures

  • Training theory on how and why these lessons are effective for teaching your cat

  • Detailed, easy to follow step-by-step directions.

  • FAQ to problem solve any questions during training.

  • Progress goals designed to help your cat succeed as you move forward in the curriculum.

This training program is backed by a professional cat trainer.

This program was designed specifically for your cat by an experienced professional to bring you the most effective, safest training possible! If there’s ever a problem with the training I want you to send me a message directly so that we can work together to ensure your cat is having the best experience possible.

It is my mission to help every cat live the happiest life they can and I don’t want to leave you hanging after buying this program. I’ll always be here to help work through any issues you’re having.

**It is highly recommended that your cat already be food motivated before starting this course! If you're not sure if this is a good fit for you please schedule a free consultation with us so that we can go over any concerns. Even if your cat isn't a chow hound now, we can work with you so that you and your cat can still be successful with harness training. If you’re not sure if this is a good match for your cat you can set up a free 15 minute consultation here.