Couch Potato to Trailblazer
in 6 weeks

This program is specifically designed for cats who want to be so comfortable in their harness they practically put it on themselves. It's a stress-free training plan with feline-specific safety protocol, giving you and your kitty the confidence you both need to handle anything you might encounter outside, such as loose dogs.

If you want to learn how to give your cat all the confidence he needs to explore the world and keep you company hiking and grabbing a coffee at your local café, keep reading!

Together with 1-on-1 coaching calls with your trainer you will move through a six week online curriculum teaching valuable life skills for adventure and fun.

This training program takes you from the first steps of getting your cat comfortable with the harness up to being a confident, adventurous partner in crime.

Been there, done that doesn't even begin to cover it! Together, Claude and I have travelled through 32 states and counting. We would love to share my training with you so we can see you out at the parks!

Let them experience life right alongside you, no matter where that leads you.
  • Learn how to safely explore the world, preparing for any situation you come across including loose dogs and scary noises.

  • Watch as your cat's overall health and happiness improves from an expanded enrichment routine with their new activity.

  • Give your cat the confidence and behavior to enjoy outdoor dining with you at your favorite restaurants.

Learn from someone who lives the lifestyle!

Enjoy the safety of knowing your cat is secure!

Take your cat outside knowing that they are so willing to put their own harness on that trying to escape in a panic will ever cross their mind. Harness training techniques combined with correct leash handling will drastically minimize instances where escape is even possible.

Cats are highly sensitive creatures and when overwhelmed their first response will be to reduce their sensory overload, which includes the harness we've strapped on them. By turning the harness from something they must deal with in order to enjoy the outdoors into a positive item they put on themselves we will instantly improve the likelihood of our cats staying safely contained.

Don't let your cat be a statistic at camp grounds with one of the thousands of cats lost each year.

Teach your cat to be comfortable in their harness and how to follow critical safety procedures that will keep them safe during their adventures.

Your six week training program includes:
  • Welcome kit with essential training supplies (available for US students only, sorry!)

  • Personalized shopping list to complete supplies essential to your training

  • Customized training program for your specific cat and lifestyle.

  • Personalized lessons that are available for every family member to review and learn at any time

  • Weekly coaching calls to review lessons, provide personal troubleshooting, and maintain fast progression through your training curriculum.

  • Unlimited coaching calls for continued support after the six week curriculum, as well as any additional calls needed to guide you through the curriculum.

  • Lifetime access to your trainer to review these lessons and maintain behavior at any point during your cat's life.