F*CK Cat Stereotypes!

Take every stereotype you have when you think of cats and toss it out the window.

- No, they’re not anti-social animals.
- No, they aren’t doomed to pee all over your house for the rest of their lives

Not only are these baseless rumors dead wrong, they're actively harming your cat's happiness.

Cats are one of the most loving pets we can have. If your cat is acting in a stereotypical Asshole Cat way, that's a huge sign that their needs are not being met in some area of their life.

After spending over 15 years training people to connect with their animals, I noticed that while most dog owners know that training is a necessity for a healthy, enriched life, most cat owners think it’s not even possible to train their cats!
The truth is, cats deserve every bit of enrichment that we offer our dogs. When trained in a way that speaks to their biological needs and desires, cat training is extremely effective, and enriching for both the owner and the pet.

Skeptical? I even have the floof to prove it!
Claude (the orange adventure buddy in all the photos) has been traveling full time with me around the country for two years now and he is THRIVING. He loves exploring new places with me and is living a life full of adventure and fun every day. We go on ghost tours, explore national parks and visit friends at pet friendly restaurants for happy hours.

Since transitioning to life on the road, I have taken my years of dog training skills, added in the knowledge I learned with Claude, and developed programs to help cats and cat owners all over the country enjoy their lives as much as Claude enjoys his. Whether you’re looking to train your cat to behave on a leash in public with you, do a few sweet tricks to show off, or just stop peeing everywhere but the litter box, I have a training program for you.

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Happy Cats around the country are raving about us!

Check out what they have to say!
"Jackie has really created an awesome experience for cat training."

Pip and I have made tons of progress in our time so far and everything has been easy to understand. I really think the virtual training is the best way to go especially for cat training. I can’t wait to see how much more Pippin and I can accomplish with Jackie’s guidance! Also an extra note, we’ve been allowed so much flexibility in scheduling lessons to work with my schedule which isn’t super common with training programs that I’ve seen and that really just makes everything about this so much easier. -Evan Nemerovsky and Pippin

Jackie was the first cat trainer who stepped up to help me train my cat Cheezel to walk on a leash. Two other behaviourists that I contacted refused to work with an ex feral anxious adult cat saying she can’t be trained. She proved them wrong. Training made Cheezel more confident and more outgoing. She is progressing slowly (slower than a regular kitty) but steadily and I hope we will go on our adventures very soon. -Marta Labno and Cheezel in New Zealand

"Jackie was the first cat trainer who
stepped up to help me..."
"Jackie is the ONLY trainer you'll ever need."

Jackie is a fucking hilarious cat trainer with tons of knowledge born from years of experience training all things fluffy. Her intuition is always spot on whenever she is helping me solve whatever crazy shenanigans my cat is getting into now. Whether you need help to get your dog to stop counter surfing, or you want to turn your asshole cat into an adventure buddy. - Penny Elizabeth Phoenix with George


If you wish you could not have a cat from hell and have a cat you can take everywhere than, please contact them and will lead you to the right direction! -Samantha Fung and Claude

Sophia Pierce and Atë beginning backpack training and socializing while taste testing new treats at a local pet store.

Jackie has been so helpful and friendly as I and my 12-year-old aspiring adventure cat have been moving toward our goal of hitting the road the road together! She’s pointed me to gear, treats, and practices that have all been what we needed. Before, I was just bumbling along on my own and not getting very far with my Charlie cat. Now, we’re moving steadily forward! -Eve and Charlie

"Now we're moving steadily forward!"